• credit card debt relief
    Credit card debt

    Want Credit Card Debt Relief? Start an Emergency Fund Now!

    Getting out of credit card debt is a tricky thing because most people are not in the type of financial situation in which they can afford to pay cash when emergencies arise. Instead, when people are paying off credit card debt they tend to get themselves in a pickle when an emergency arises and they can’t pay. After all, when every available penny is going to paying off debts it is hard to have money left over. Here is the rub, in order to pay off your debts, you need to save some of that money you were going to use to pay off your credit cards. This is how…

  • bankruptcy chapter 13

    Things to Consider Before Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a decision that can drastically alter your life. It’s smart to carefully assess the pros and cons and explore all debt relief options before filing a bankruptcy petition through the court. It can also be a costly decision. In addition to court filing costs and administrative fees, debtors must also retain a bankruptcy lawyer. Legal fees will vary by state and required workload. One word of advice, if you can’t afford court costs and legal fees, chances are bankruptcy isn’t the solution you need. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is complying with new bankruptcy laws enacted under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA).…

  • debt relief company
    Debt relief

    How to Find a Reputable Debt Relief Company

    It is truly a shame that the debt consolidation and debt settlement industry has gotten such a bad reputation. The actions of a few have made many turn away from what could be a valuable alternative to bankruptcy. There were, and still are, scam artists out there preying on those that are in financial crisis. However, if you know how to select a debt relief program wisely, you can get genuine help for your financial problems. 1. Your first step should be to check any company you are thinking of using out with the Better Business Bureau. This will be your first sign of trouble if any exists. If that…

  • debt relief options
    Debt relief

    5 Ways to Find Debt Relief

    Is your life being consumed by debt? There can be help with debt closer than you think. Not all of these suggestions may be for you, but they all offer debt relief for an individual that needs help getting out of debt. The experts offer the following suggestions for consolidating your debt. 1. A consumer credit counseling agency should be your first option. These nonprofit agencies are excellent at helping consumers get out of debt. Their counselors will get your fees waived and your interest rates reduced. You will make one monthly payment to them and these credit counselors will disburse it to your creditors. Using this method of debt…

  • bad credit card habits
    Credit card debt

    How to Quit a Bad Credit Card Habit Without Going into Withdrawals

    If only breaking free of a bad credit card debt was as easy as stopping smoking more of us could do it. I searched but I have not found any false sense of financial security patches or I’m not broke I have plastic gum to replace the feeling we get from having that stack of credit cards in our wallet. Let’s look at the options that will help you succeed. Cold Turkey? Talk to smokers and ex-smokers, you will find that many failed when they tried just throwing out the tobacco. They felt miserable, anxious, physically ill and often returned to smoking after a short time just to get rid…